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Zika: Flights to be sprayed with insecticide


Sprayed chemicals to be used on UK flights from Zika areas
All aircraft arriving in the UK from Zika-infected regions will have their cabins sprayed with insecticide on landing. The UK government says it has asked all airlines to comply with the requirement.
Flights from parts of Latin America, the Caribbean and the Cape Verde islands will have their cabins sprayed as a “precaution”.
“Spraying insecticide is a highly precautionary measure to reduce the risk to passengers during flights to the UK,” explained Jane Ellison, the country’s public health minister.
“I want to reassure people that the risk to the UK population is extremely low. We advise people travelling to affected areas to reduce the risk of themselves being bitten by wearing mosquito repellent, long sleeves and trousers.”
She added: “Pregnant women should consider avoiding travel to countries with the Zika virus – or if travel is unavoidable, they ought to seek travel health advice from their GP or a travel clinic well in advance of their trip.”
Tour operators such as Thomas Cook and Tui are allowing pregnant customers who are due to fly to an infected area to change their trips free of change for travel up to April 30.
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