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World’s tiniest hotel is in Copenhagen


Its only room measures just 2.3m × 3m
With its only room measuring just 2.3 metres × 3 metres in size, Copenhagen’s Hotel Central is officially the world’s smallest hotel, according to world records union WorldKings.
Anyone suffering from claustrophobia should best avoid the tiny property just off Gammel Kongevej, which can host no more than two people and a couple of bags.
“The room is not suitable for families since the limited space simply doesn’t allow for extra beds,” the hotel admits online.
The room crams in a shower, minibar and flat-screen TV, while two bicycles are also available for guests. Breakfast is served downstairs in a café that can take no more than five people. The 100-year-old building was turned into a hotel by locals Leif Thingtved and Jacob Kampp.
Copenhagen Post


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