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World’s most popular city destinations named


Asian and European cities compete in top five
Hong Kong is the top city destination in the world for the sixth consecutive year, with 27.8 million international visitors, according to the latest Euromonitor International’s annual Top 100 Cities Destination Ranking. The ranking is based on 2014 figures.
Ranked second on the list is London with 17.3 million international visitors, which overtook Singapore and Bangkok with 17 million and 16 million international visitors, respectively. Paris ranks fifth with 14.9 million international visitors.
Asia is the dominant region, with one third of the top 100 cities belonging there. Constant growth was also seen in both arrivals and departures from Chinese cities, while cities in the US, except Miami, showed little dynamism.
European cities remain classic, must-see destinations the world over, Euromonitor says. London saw a 4% rise in inbound arrivals. But many older cities, such as Venice, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam, are suffering from excessive tourism, with overcrowding at the top sites and attractions.
Some are promoting tourism outside mainstream areas, either inside or outside the boundaries of the core city, in an attempt to distribute visitors and their wealth more evenly.
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