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World’s most northerly beer brewed in Svalbard


Spitsbergen IPA to be launched at a pub in Longyearbyen
Curious tourists may soon be travelling to Norway’s Arctic island of Svalbard to experience the world’s most northerly brewed beer. Production has started and the first brew, Spitsbergen IPA, will launched at the Coal Miners’ Cabin pub in Longyearbyen next Friday.
Production, which began after local authorities removed an 80-year brewing ban, is being overseen by master brewer Andreas Hegermann Riis, previously of the Oslo Microbrewery.
He now has 8,000 litres of beer, about half of which is IPA and the rest a wheat beer. Created using waters from the local Bogerbreen glacier, it will soon be rolled out to the rest of the pubs on the archipelago.
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