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World’s first use of cardboard in exterior: Introducing check-in machines with a smart design quicker check-ins and placement of ad media for cost reduction

Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) has announced that starting October 23, it will be introducing new automatic check-in machines (“new check-in machines”). Services will get underway with five new check-in machines at the Terminal 2 Building for international flights at Kansai Airport, with more to be set up at Peach’s other domestic airport destinations to follow.
The new check-in machine has been developed with a design and direction provided by architects. It will be equipped with a large monitor screen that is double the size of those of conventional check-in machines (32 inches compared with conventional 15-inch screens) and incorporate the use of cardboard as material for its exterior. It will be the first time*1 in the world that cardboard are used as material for check-in machines. Developed with a smart design through comprehensive concept design rendered by architects, the machine is an innovative new creation of a check-in machine that boasts both solidity as well as a sophisticated exterior that doesn’t appear at a glance to use cardboard.
*1  Based on research conducted by Peach.
*2  Yaneura Design (Chuo-ku, Osaka; representative: Masashi Terada): Conducts business chiefly in Osaka, engaging in
areas such as building design, interior design, and product design; boasts a track record in providing designs for various facilities such as residential, dentist’s offices, beauty salons, clothing stores, children’s wear shops, specialty stores for hats, restaurants, and izakaya drinking establishments. Aims to create architectural designs which are like easy-going vessels that can make an impact on the lives and emotions of many people.
Through the introduction of its new check-in machines, Peach expects to shorten the time required for the total aviation experience of its customers, employ advertising media on the machines, and reduce costs.


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