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World’s first Arctic single malt whiskey

Myken Distillery

Whiskey made by a small distillery on a tiny Nordic island

A unique new Nordic whiskey will soon go on sale. Made from desalinated Arctic seawater and matured under the midnight sun, the drink is the result of four years’ work.

Located on the tiny island of Myken, just north of the polar circle and more than 30 kilometres off the ragged coastline, Norway’s only dedicated whiskey distillery is also the world’s northernmost and first Arctic whiskey distillery.

It was started in 2013 by a group of six enthusiasts who bought an old fish factory, inspired by the island’s special energy. Myken Arctic Gin is already on sale and is soon to be followed by Arctic whisky.

“Safety, optimism and enthusiasm are what characterize people on Myken,” one of the founders, Jan Hellstrøm, told the broadcaster NRK. “We fell immediately in love with the unique atmosphere on the island,” adds his wife Kjerstin.

Wave action

The enthusiasts believe that the energy of the ocean waves constantly crashing so close to the distillery and the warehouse will be noticeable in the finished product, the Daily Scandinavian writes, and the distillery uses desalinated water straight from the Vestfjorden. Until now, the distillery has been using unsmoked barley malt but is now experimenting with smoked malt and other types of grain.

Their ultimate aim is to use Norwegian malt, but due to its generally poor quality it is imported from Germany instead. However, from next year, in cooperation with Innovation Norway, the distillery will try to cultivate its own malt.

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