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World’s fastest inflight broadband coming soon


First airline to trial superfast inflight internet to be Lufthansa
Soon, gone will be the days of escape from constant emails while flying. Superfast internet will be available to passengers in Europe from 2017.
British satellite company Inmarsat is partnering with Deutsche Telekom to bring high-speed online access to smartphones and other gadgets, with a peak speed of 75 megabits per second – beating the 30 megabits of some cities’ super-fast fibre broadband.
Inmarsat plans to achieve this by launching the European Aviation Network, the world’s first commercial satellite and ground system – a hybrid between the two technologies currently used for inflight connectivity. The first airline to trial it will be Lufthansa, from 2017.
But Lufthansa says it will not allow Skype or voice calls, which will be blocked automatically.
“We conduct frequent surveys and there was a significant and clear vote among our customers against inflight phone calls,” explains Martin Riecken, Lufthansa’s director of communication.
Pricing for the service may depend on the travel class of the ticket.


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