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World premiere of Arctic Char roe from Umlax, Sweden


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The Arctic Char has developed the ability to endure a cold climate. It prospers under conditions too tough for other fish and animals to survive.

The same goes for the Umlax-team. They have built a food industry, delivering premium foods to restaurants and retail in the Nordic countries and Europe, in harmony with nature which is deeply rooted in Lapland.

The secret behind the premium quality is guaranteed by the clear and cold waters of Lapland and the passion and genuine craftsmanship of the team. Umlax have been doing this for 30 years and are today the leading supplier of Arctic Char.

We now want to share one of our best kept secrets with you – Arctic Char roe from cold Lapland waters. We will be presenting this new premium product this autumn. A fresh and special delicacy.

This delicacy should be served in just the right amount.
4 grams is the perfect mouth-full. No more and no less.
Simply “lagom”.

To ensure the amount be just right, Umlax have produced roe-spoons which fit
the perfect amount. The world premiere took place on the 16th of October
at the Restaurant gala at Circus in Stockholm.

The supply of Arctic Char roe is currently limited, not even we have unlimited access. But we will find a way to give you all a chance to taste it.

Our journey is constantly developing. We take in the problems, resolve them and move on.

Just like the fish we work with.
“We are like the Arctic Char”



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