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World’s busiest air routes show surprises


Globe’s second-busiest route is London-Dublin

More people fly from Dublin to London than from London to New York, according to new figures for the world’s busiest international air routes released by the International Air Transport Association.

The route between the Irish and British capitals was the second busiest international air route in the world in 2013, with 3.5 million passengers, second only to the route from Hong Kong to Taipei, which had 4.9 million passengers.

Third was Jakarta-Singapore, with 3.4 million passengers, while the route between London and New York, traditionally seen as one of the globe’s busiest shuttles, carried far fewer passengers, at 2.7 million. In the research, with cities like London that have more than one airport, the figures for each departure point were combined.

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[pictured: Cliffs of Moher; courtesy Tourism Ireland]


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