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Wizz Air pulls the record!


Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, celebrates the successful attempt to set a new Guinness World record in partnership with Zsolt ‘Popey’ Sinka, who has now set a new record for pulling the heaviest aircraft by teeth.

Today at 10:25am Zsolt ‘Popey” Sinka dug his teeth into a 7m long rope   and pulled one of Wizz Air’s new Airbus A320 aircraft, weighing over 50 tons. Cheered by staff of both the airline and Budapest Airport and some of Wizz Air’s most gorgeous cabin crew Zsolt achieved the unbelievable feat of walking backwards 39.2 meters in 52 seconds pulling the 180 seater jet aircraft all along. The record breaking results were certified by the Hungarian Record Committee, and will be submitted to the Guinness panel of judges at the  Guinness Book of Records. Based on the official report of the Budapest airport the outside temperature was up to 31.1C while the temperature of the concrete on the ground was 43.3C.

Speaking at a press conference following the record setting, Zsolt ‘Popey” Sinka said: ”I am overwhelmed with the record breaking result today and I am deeply touched to have reached yet another goal. Teaming up with Wizz Air, another great success story, was the best decision to make this day unforgettable and have the command over my very own Airbus for 52 seconds and almost 40 meters!”

Wizz Air’s Daniel de Carvalho said:”Wizz Air congratulates Zsolt for making the world’s strongest pull of an aircraft by teeth. It would appear that much of the fuel consuming aircraft movements on the ground can be done by sheer muscle strength. We’re really excited about this and will discuss high flying plans to hire Zsolt to train our ground handling staff who then would save us millions when teeth-pulling all of our 44 aircraft in the 94 airports we fly to. In the name of lower fares Zsolt might have opened the doors for a real ground handling revolution!”


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