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William Bailey Travel sees increase in tourism to Czech Republic

Most famous for its capital city of Prague, the Czech Republic is a culturally rich destination. Cost-friendly destinations and smaller crowds are leading to increased tourism throughout the region.
While well-known destinations in Europe such as Paris continue to draw tens of millions of visitors from around the world, other major cities which may be lesser-known to tourists, are seeing an increase in travelers. This is true for cities like Prague and other small communities in the Czech Republic.

France may have Disney, the French Rivera and Paris, but the Czech Republic has Prague, Podyji National Park, boundless natural beauty and in many cases, smaller crowds. Just a few reasons the Czech Republic is becoming known for its tourism, this unique and beautiful destination continues to grow in popularity. William Bailey Travel is just one of many who are involved in travel and have seen an increase in travelers to this region. These trends bode well for those who live in the Czech Republic.

According to the Czech Statistical Office (CSU), the region saw a larger number of overnight visitors than it has in over 15 years. With a total of over 21.1 million international visitors during the months of January to September, they are on track to have the highest number of tourists in history. In fact, statistics from the European Travel Commission (ETC), show that in terms of European tourism as a whole, the Czech Republic ranks 7th in international arrivals, up 10.9%.

In addition to lower prices and smaller crowds, a European cultural capital, strong growth in ecotourism as well as falling oil prices and a weaker euro, have also aided in the increased tourism to the region. While the number one tourist destination continues to be the capital city of Prague, other destinations and attractions, including this year’s Capital of Culture Plzen, sports and art and cultural events, have also added to the total number of visitors in this growing destination.

As the number of travelers grows and the demand for transportation and accommodations increases, prospective visitors to the Czech Republic should expect to see prices begin to rise in the coming years.


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