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Wide diversity and a strong presence: MTU to exhibit at ILA Berlin


Never before has Germany’s leading engine manufacturer made such a diversified appearance at a trade fair: At this year’s ILA Berlin Air Show, MTU Aero Engines will showcase its capabilities at eight different places.

The company’s own booth will feature a selection from its portfolio of products and services. Among the highlights are four complete engines for military and commercial aircraft. “This year, the focus will be on the presentation of our Polish affiliate. And MTU will have a booth of its own at the ILA CareersCenter,” explains Torunn Siegler, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, who is responsible for MTU’s trade show activities.
 With four full-scale engines on display, MTU’s booth in Hall 2 (no. 2301) will be hard to miss. On display will be the TP400-D6 that powers the A400M military airlifter, the EJ200, powerplant for the Eurofighter, the GE38 military heavy-duty helicopter engine and the geared turbofan (GTF), the next-generation engine for commercial aircraft. In addition, there will be exhibits highlighting MTU’s capabilities in the fields of engine technologies and maintenance, including repaired commercial engine components, part of a compressor with active systems, turbine disks, a latest-generation blisk and a GEnx turbine center frame. “In the 256-square-meter booth we have installed several multimedia touch screens which visitors can use to get more information about our exhibits,” Siegler explains. She continues: “Of course, our specialists will always be on hand, as usual, to provide explanations or to answer any questions.” MTU experts will also be available in Chalets 21 and 22.
 But that’s not the end of it: MTU exhibits can be found at six further locations. At the joint booth of this year’s ILA partner country Poland MTU will be presenting its Polish affiliate, MTU Aero Engines Polska, which will have a V2500 low-pressure turbine on display. At the booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, MTU will be exhibiting the high-speed, three-stage GTF low-pressure turbine and in the Bundeswehr’s pavilion, soldiers and MTU employees will present the cooperation between MTU and the German Air Force and demonstrate a blisk repair procedure. At the ILA CareerCenter, the world’s largest job fair for the aerospace industry, which will take place on September 14 and 15, the company will display a 1:5 scale model of a V2500 engine.
Germany’s leading engine manufacturer will also be present outside the grounds of Berlin’s new ExpoCenter Airport. At the 61st German Aviation and Space Congress of the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (DGLR), held at Berlin’s Estrel hotel from September 10 to 12, MTU will be exhibiting a mock-up of a high-speed low-pressure turbine and a high-pressure compressor, both key components of the GTF. In addition, MTU will again be among the companies participating in the Technical Tour program offered at this year’s ILA. Interested visitors will be given the opportunity to visit its maintenance affiliate, MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg in Ludwigsfelde on the third day of the air show, Thursday September 13, from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm.

MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer and the country’s only independent engine builder, is an established global player in the industry. A technology leader, MTU excels in high-pressure compressors, low-pressure turbines and manufacturing and repair procedures. MTU Maintenance is the world’s largest independent provider of commercial engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services. In the military arena, MTU is Germany’s industrial lead company for practically all engines flown by the country’s armed forces. MTU has a workforce of some 8,200 employees, and in fiscal year 2011, posted consolidated sales of more than 2.9 billion euros.


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