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Why is airport food so bad?


Many reasons why airport dining is terrible, The Economist reports
There are many reasons why airport dining is so terrible, The Economist reports. There’s not much competition, with a limited number of places to eat, and a large, captive clientele. Passengers do not simply opt for an alternative airport because the food is better there.
Also airport restaurants tend not to depend as much on repeat customers as local eateries do, keeping service levels low.
A lack of space negatively affects the experience. That goes for the kitchens too, limiting the choice of food on offer. And there’s constant surrounding noise from passing crowds and loudspeakers, and the people around are often anxious and in a rush.
But there are exceptions, The Economist points out. Singapore’s Changi airport, for example, has plenty of space, the choices are wide and the food is usually excellent.
A new ranking of restaurants in American airports by market researchers AirportXP puts Tampa, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis St Paul at the top – and Honolulu, Washington Reagan and Los Angeles at the bottom.
The Economist


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