Home News Why did Emirates cancel Airbus order?

Why did Emirates cancel Airbus order?


Emirates cancels its order for 70 A350s

Emirates has revealed that it was cancelling its order for 70 A350s and that it was reviewing its fleet requirements. The move is an unexpected blow both to Airbus and to engine maker Rolls-Royce. Industry experts are speculating on why Emirates axed the order for the manufacturer’s newest aircraft type, due to enter service in around six months.

“Emirates was one of the original customers interested in the program, but always seemed rather critical of the aircraft specifications,” Cantor Fitzgerald Europe told news agency Reuters.

Aerospace analyst Nick Cunningham from the company Agency Partners said the decision also raised questions about whether Middle Eastern carriers have over-expanded, or if they are now expecting lower growth than before.

There have been warnings of a “bubble” in orders for commercial aircraft, and some industry bankers say airlines have ordered too many planes despite growth in emerging markets. But Airbus and Boeing reject such an idea.



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