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Why Cuenca should be the venue for your next Business Convention

“(…) doesn’t look like a 16th-century city that has been preserved; it looks like a city that has been in use since the 16th century.” (Jim Trillin, Conde Nast Traveller)
Cuenca, the third largest city of Ecuador is located on the Southern Inter – Andean Valley, at an elevation of 2535 masl (8316.93 FASL) with an average anual temperature of 17ºC (63º F), and a population of 600,000.
The city roots’ date back to the settlement of Cañari people in what they named as Guapondelig Valley, and then later the conquering Incas established part of its military power in this territory naming it as Tomebamba. The Spaniards subdued the Inca Empire during the 16 Century; hence Cuenca flourished as one of the most important cities of the Colony. The vestiges inherited from the two former settlers –carved stones-, gave the colonizers foundation for the building of the new city.
Lately, Cuenca has been developing as a touristic destiny due to the presence of its Colonial, Republican and Religious architecture, beautiful mountainous and lake scenery and specially, the nearby presence of “Cajas National Park”.
Most recently, this World Heritage Site awarded by UNESCO in 1999, among other equally important acknowledgments given to the city due to its intangible and natural patrimony, has been luring a recent wave of US retirees, turning it into an expat paradise, because of its cost – benefit ratio, pleasant weather and quality of life.
The English group “The Financial Times”, through FDI Magazine, has recognized Cuenca as the number one small City in the ranking  “American Cities of the Future”, due to its low cost when making business and enviable life standards.
Cuenca is well prepared with appropriate premises and specialists at organizing your next convention, seminar or trade exhibition. The city offers a wide range of locations to suit every need and budget, from a great convention center with capacity for 4000 attendees to event rooms to accommodate smaller groups.
Cuenca’s Cultural and Historic Patrimonial buildings and, public spaces are also ready to become the next venue for your event, giving to them a unique special touch, where tradition and distinction will make them standout.
Cuenca counts with 194 accommodation facilities; from beautiful boutique hotels in patrimonial buildings to modern hotels operated by international franchises.
The placid atmosphere of a small city, both deeply religious and artistic is a never-ending delight that waits for you.
Municipal Foundation Tourism for Cuenca


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