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When is cheapest time to book a hotel room?


More than two months ahead is not cheapest, but most expensive
Many people think that the cheapest time to book a hotel room is more than two months in advance of the stay. But new research shows that this is actually the most expensive time for stays across Europe.
Unfortunately for those who like to plan ahead, the time for the best prices is just one month in advance, according to hotel comparison website Trivago.
The site studied at room rates in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, and found that from the 30-day mark the further ahead the rooms are booked the more expensive they are. This is also the case less than 30 days ahead, making the 30-day point the cheapest.
This varies slightly from country to country, with hotels in Spain being cheapest four to seven weeks in advance, compared to France being best just two weeks in advance.
Yahoo News


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