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What makes Sweden a great tourist destination?


Tourists think Swedes are hospitable with beautiful nature

In a world where many countries are fighting for the attention of international tourists, Sweden’s main strengths are its hospitality and the countryside, a new survey of 16,000 visitors says.
“When people sit down at the dinner table across Europe to decide where they’ll go for their holiday, the image of Sweden is important in their decision-making,” Visit Sweden CEO Thomas Brühl explained in a statement. “The tourists who took part in our survey who had not visited yet said they relied on what they’d heard about Sweden from friends, the newspaper, TV, radio and social media.”
However, different nationalities’ opinions vary. Norwegians, Danes and Russians appreciate Sweden’s value for money. Americans, Brits and also a good number of Russians are more interested in the country’s food and drink.
Germans love Sweden’s countryside, with more than 70% of these respondents rating the nature highly. The Spanish and the Danes also listed Swedish nature high up in their lists.
However, many of the respondents thought Sweden was overly expensive and suffered from bad weather.
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[pictured: Långserud, Värmland; photo by Jacque de Villiers/imagebank.sweden.se]


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