Home News What exactly are SAS Go and SAS Plus?

What exactly are SAS Go and SAS Plus?


SAS to launch new service concept this weekend

SAS will launch its new service concept on Sunday June 9, when the old cabin classes Business Class, Economy Extra and Economy Class are replaced by the new divisions SAS Go and SAS Plus.
The airline says that the new concept was developed “in close dialogue with SAS customers and employees” and using ideas posted on the My SAS Idea forum, in an effort to make SAS “the most modern flight experience in Europe”.
The price for SAS Go is similar to the old economy tickets. It includes a checked bag at no extra charge, newspapers, coffee or tea on board, mobile check-in and seat selection.
With SAS Plus, the “from price” is on average around 30% lower than prices advertising similar flexible products on the market, SAS says, but it includes more services.
SAS Plus includes two checked bags at no extra cost, fast track, lounge access, meals and drinks onboard and double the number of EuroBonus points, on top of the SAS Go benefits. Breakfast is served to all passengers on domestic flights in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
SAS says that the concept on each aircraft will see the traditional onboard tray being replaced by an “airborne café” called Our Cafe.
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[pictured: SAS Business Class – a thing of the past?; photo courtesy SAS]


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