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What characterizes an Asian incentive tourist?


“Quality” shopping is key part of Asian incentive visitor experience
Asian incentive delegates are Sydney’s highest-yielding business visitors, outspending leisure visitors by an average of 6.5 times, according to a recent study by convention bureau Business Events Sydney.
All international incentive delegates in Sydney can spend up to 9.4 times more per day than leisure visitors, A$1,418 (€987) compared to A$151, and five times that of other business visitors.
Among Asian incentive visitors in particular, shopping is a key part of the delegate experience, as shopping overseas demonstrates affluence and achievement, and most expenses are already covered by the incentive trip itself.
“Quality of goods” and “value for money” rate highly for delegates from Asia, who are most likely drawn to western brand names.
Shopping experiences rate highly in incentive destination choice, and the highest expenditure across incentive event and nationality went towards clothing, handbags and shoes, followed by souvenirs, jewellery and toys.
But at the same time, Asian incentive delegates are also found to be knowledgeable and savvy travellers who want more immersive experiences.
Incentive travel currently makes up 25% of global business travel industry revenue and has been rising steadily for the past two decades.
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