Home News We are still on the lookout for great pictures!

We are still on the lookout for great pictures!


We are still on the lookout for great pictures!

Until now, The World Responsible Tourism Awards, celebrated at WTM, and sponsored by The Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism, have concentrated on rewarding best tourism writing. THIS YEAR ONLY it was decided to focus on images rather than words, and to introduce a new category titled BEST PHOTOGRAPHY FOR RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.

This category is for both amateurs and professional photographers. The judges are seeking good quality pictures that portray and celebrate excellent responsible tourism practice. For example, you could submit a photo of tourists engaged in helping local communities cleaning a beach, or participating in a tour taking you to less touristic areas and led by a local guide or taking part in activities that involve members of the community (e.g. cooking lessons, market tours). You might also submit pictures showing how hotels, attractions or other tourism organisations implement environmentally-friendly initiatives (e.g. recycling, building with local material) or economic and socially driven projects.

However, these pictures need to be “different” because the judges are NOT looking for simple holiday snap shots of people or facilities (e.g. portraits, and landscapes). Your picture needs to tell a story, to draw interest and at best, to also teach something new to tourists about your experience. Therefore it requires some planning and thinking as it is unlikely that your picture will ‘happen’ as a chance encounter.

This category will be judged by Michael Pritchard, Director-General of The Royal Photographic Society since 2011. He was a photography specialist at Christie’s for twenty years before completing a PhD in photographic history in 2010. He is an active photographer with a particular interest in landscape and travel photography.

Nominations open on Monday 08 July and close on Saturday 31 August.

Follow this link to upload up to 10 pictures: Upload

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