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WATA reinforces position on German market through cooperation with asr Allianz


On August 22, WATA signed a partnership agreement with asr Allianz selbständiger Reiseunternehmen – Bundesverband e.V. to develop business opportunities, exchange expertise, and join forces on common actions.

In signing with WATA, the asr members will find new partners dealing in the inbound tailor-made travel strictly selected according to high criteria of quality, and offering in a large panel of destinations. Asr members will benefit from special conditions with more than 50 inbound members in 35 destinations.

The structure and philosophy of both associations are very similar. They share the same vision in representing the interests of small- and medium-sized travel enterprises, WATA, a non-profit organization created in 1949 in Switzerland and is the only association representing the leisure segment for Fits and Groups. The members of WATA are mainly private companies, middle-sized, with a long establishment in their destination. The asr represents the interests in politics and at significant industry conflicts and contempt. The alliance’s mission is to raise awareness for the importance and value of medium-sized structures in the tourism industry.

WATA has now opened a new chapter dedicated to enterprises purely dedicated to outbound. They are identified as Preferred Partners and are strictly selected.

In September 2011, a same type of cooperation agreement was signed with TPA (Travel Professional Association) Switzerland, and after one year, the cooperation on different levels proves to be absolutely positive for both parties.

National associations of travel agencies are welcome to join this new category of Complimentary Membership in WATA. For information, go to www.wata.net


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