Home News Wanted: “Posh hostels” for business travellers

Wanted: “Posh hostels” for business travellers


Hostels reinvented to meet needs of fussier clients

More hostels and economy hotels are catering to the global consumer interest in upgraded budget travel accommodation, leaving the “no frills revolution” behind them, Euromonitor International reports.

These hotels are sensitive to the rising popularity of a more personalised experience and art-inspired stylish ambience in holiday accommodation.

Apart from the more affordable price, such services are strong on local flavour and a home-from-home experience and are, very often, like boutique hotels, design-aware.

Even the humble hostel, which for decades has been the almost exclusive preserve of young backpackers and some adventurous families, is reinventing itself to meet the needs of fussier and an often older clientele – including businesspeople.

“Boutique hostels” today offer double rooms with ensuite bathrooms as well as dorms. They compete with boutique hotels in terms of location and design, as well as price.

Euromonitor International

[pictured: Clink78 Hostel, London]


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