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Vote for Lappeenranta to be the public’s favourite

Lappeenranta is once again in the finals of the international Earth Hour City Challenge competition, and has been nominated for the world’s best city in climate change mitigation.
In addition to the winner selected by the jury, the public also chooses their favourite from the finalists. The public vote is open until 19 June.
 The Earth Hour City Challenge Competition encourages cities in their work in preventing climate change. Organised for the sixth time, the challenge measures the cities’ preparedness to reduce greenhouse emissions produced in energy production and traffic and through food choices. The last time Lappeenranta made it to the finals was in 2014 when it was among the top 14 cities in the competition. Because the city did so well in the competition, WWF Finland awarded Lappeenranta the title of Finland’s climate capital.
 A total of 124 cities from 20 countries participated in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge 2016, and 45 cities were selected for the finals. The international jury was particularly impressed by Lappeenranta’s efforts to make the city waste-free and carbon-neutral by 2050.
 The development has been promising, as Lappeenranta has already reduced its emissions by 38% from 1990 levels. The next step is to reduce the emissions by 80% from the 2007 level by 2030, in accordance with the HINKU network of carbon neutral municipalities.
 Secretary General of WWF Finland, Liisa Rohweder, emphasises that everyone’s contribution is needed.
 “Lappeenranta has set consistent, long-term goals and has already shown that it is prepared to achieve those goals on time. Smooth cooperation with the residents, local businesses and universities has been one of the keys to success,” Rohweder says.
 Show your love, vote for Lappeenranta and give your improvement suggestions at welovecities.org/lappeenranta
 You can also take part in the social media by sharing your Lappeenranta experiences with the hashtag #weloveLappeenranta. During the different themes of the competition, for example, we can talk about Lappeenranta’s environmentally friendly courses of action.
 Food May 2–6
Transportation May 9–13
Energy May 16–20
Waste May 23–27
Buildings May 30–June 3


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