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Volcano Museum opens on Reunion Island


After three years of renovations and modernization, the Volcano Museum at the foothills of the Piton de la Fournaise has opened its doors again. Originally launched in 1992, the “Volcano House” attracted tens of thousands of visitors, all keen to learn more about the inner workings of a volcano, and all in close vicinity to one of the most active ones in the Indian Ocean region.

Interactive displays and innovative use of lighting and state-of-the-art technology makes a guided visit to the 6,000-square-meter large exhibition spaces and “mock up” lava tunnel a unique experience. The museum also showcases the history of the island’s emergence from the deep of the ocean when underwater volcanos erupted some 3 million years ago, eventually forming an island of over 2,500 square kilometers in size. In combination with a visit to the rim of the crater of the Piton de la Fournaise, visitors to Reunion Island will take memories back home with them which can only be experienced in a few places around the world, adding to the attraction Reunion Island holds for tourists.

Entrance to the museum is free although there is a nominal cost for a guided tour, which is, of course, the recommended format to get the most information out of the visit. For added details on “Destination Reunion Island,” a French region deep in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mauritius, click on www.reunion.fr


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