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Visiting Curacao – a secluded slice of paradise!


Upon landing in Curacao, you will find yourself in a playground of idyllic beaches.

If you go snorkeling or scuba diving you will treat yourself to a visual feast of colorful marine life and odd wrecks. If you follow the scenic trails on foot or on a mountain bike you will feel the excitement of conquering the island’s rugged terrain. But, if you are simply looking for a fun excursion, you can also check out several attractions in the area that will surely delight visitors of all ages.

One of the best attractions, and the most simple is a visit to one of Curaçao’s beaches. The beaches of Curacao are marvelous and you don’t have to waste time finding your way to a small spot of sand on a crowded shoreline. The island offers secluded coves and intimate escapes where you can spend hours working on your tan and soaking up the stunning vista of soft powdery white sand and crystalline waters.

Cas Abao is the most popular of the bunch as it does not only offer crystal-clear waters for swimmers and snorkelers but also the convenience of modern facilities, snack bars and water sports rentals. Playa Porto Mari is another beach destination for those who cannot do without beach facilities and water sports opportunities.

However, if you want to escape the crowds and want to enjoy some peace and quiet then you’re better going to Playa Jeremi. Finally, if picturesque locations are what you are looking for, then pay a visit to Playa Lagun where the sparkling turquoise ocean is framed by towering craggy cliffs. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear as many of these beaches are also ideal starting points for remarkable snorkeling sites and unforgettable dive spots.

If you prefer exploring on foot do not miss a hike to the island’s highest peak – the imposing Mt. Christoffel. Curaçao’s magnificent rugged landscape will surely enchant hiking and biking enthusiasts. A trek to the summit can take as short as two hours or as long as you like because there are 8 hiking trails on the verdant grounds of the Christoffel National Park. There you can explore the various terrains of tropical blooms, swaying palms and arid cacti-covered slopes on your way to the mountain’s crest where the ultimate breathtaking panorama awaits. Definitely bring your cameras!

If you want to mountain bike instead, there are plenty of biking trails on the island. The Jan Thiel Trail will take you along lagoons and salt pans packed with bird life and fascinating plants. Other exhilarating mountain biking trails include the St. Joris Bay – Koraal Tabak and Boca St. Michiel – Malpais, both of which feature incredible views.

Finally, those of you who are simply looking for some fun without the bikes, make sure to visit the Sea Aquarium where 40 saltwater tanks are packed with a rich diversity of marine life. At the Aquarium you can also enjoy the tricks of Dolphins at the Dolphin Academy. For a little extra price you can get close and personal with these creatures by taking a swim with them.

Another must-visit site is the Ostrich Farm. This site is a must visit for kids. There, you will find hundreds of the curious large birds on site. Spending time in Curacao will reward you many wonderful experiences and the opportunity to discover and explore the many attractions of a wonderful Caribbean location.

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