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Visit Bath: immerse yourself in 2,000 years of spa culture


If you wish to travel right back in time to and lose yourself in Bath’s exceptional history, visit the Roman Baths. Traverse where Romans would have walked, going on a journey into antiquity. Bath’s spa is the only natural thermal spa in the whole of Britain. Since the times of the Romans, it has been extremely well upheld.

Also visit a selection of Bath’s most beguiling churches. Bath is home to such remarkable churches as St Stephen’s, St Michael’s and Christ Church; its architectural pinnacle is exquisite Bath Abbey. Make certain you visit at least a few of the city’s most striking churches on a Roman Bath tour.

Bath’s parks and gardens warrant much exploration as well. Sydney Gardens is the oldest park in Bath, and was often visited by members of the royal family as well as the eminent writer Jane Austen. Other alluring parks are the Georgian Garden,Royal Victoria and Henrietta parks.

Bath Abbey is architecturally spectacular, and the last of a sequence of simple yet striking churches built in Bath. Initially a Norman church, Bath Abbey went on to become much more elaborately ornamented; it underwent great transformations into a lavish Gothic mode of towering buttresses furnishing redoubtable bulwarks. At the Heritage Vaults, simple to get to from the exterior of the landmark, you can wonder at an interactive presentation about the abbey’s past in addition to intricate Romanesque statues.

St Michael’s Church was designed by George Philips Manners (1789-1866) and consists of an outstanding south tower. A parish has been positioned on the site since the medieval era, yet the current church dates from 1835-7.

St Stephen’s Church was once expressed as being ‘very pinnacled’, and is one of the supreme landmarks in Bath. With financial catastrophe overshadowing the original structural work it is something of a wonder that the lovely church that exists today does exist.

Christ Church has held an uncharacteristic history which has come to affect, indeed saturate, it’s present. It was founded by a very socially aware clergy. Bizarrely, it is not a parish church and also does not have a paid vicar. The repercussion of this is that a shared ministry has been cultivated, whereby all of those in the congregation are encouraged to be active in the church.

Bath’s distinctively fascinating churches must be explored. As alluring and enchanting as Bath’s churches are, however, you could perhaps even heighten your tour experience further by taking a Stonehenge tour as well as an exploration of Bath’s renowned spa. The decision is yours: choose to savour a riveting experience of Tower of London tours.


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