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Vilnius offers visitors an array of exciting activities


Recently, visitors coming to Eastern Europe are looking to take part in more adventurous activities while discovering new settings. Travellers coming to Vilnius have many activities to choose from, starting with hot air balloon rides.

Vilnius is the only European capital city that allows hot air balloons to fly over the city, and the result is an experience that provides breath-taking views of the city, including the Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
On the ground level, bike rides around Vilnius offer visitors a healthy option for discovering the city. From the Old Town’s narrow streets, to wide squares and high hills, to places like Verkiai mansion and the Zverynas old wooden compounds, or amazingly huge parks in the city centre. All of these sites can be visited by bike.
“More and more travellers choose to see Vilnius on bicycles,” says Vilija Malinauskaite, Director of West Express Groups & Events. Every week, we have at least a few excursions for local or foreign corporate travellers. And this is not a surprising thing, especially when people come for work and want an active counterbalance. The world’s new trend, and we do believe that this is one of the best possible trends, is to have active free time instead of simply choosing the sofa or a bar. This is especially true in the events industry. During a bike tour of Vilnius you can see more and enjoy amazing panoramas. Vilnius, like Rome was built on seven hills, so no wonder more groups prefer bike tours instead of standard walking tours. People all over the world are more interested in sports than previously, but not everyone can actively combine this with daily life and duties. In light of this, they choose holidays to take part in activities, or they choose evenings after their conferences to have fun with new met colleagues and try something different.
Vilnius offers cycling or Segway riding from spring to autumn, SUB boards or kayaks in summer, skating and sledding in the winter, and wonderful walks in and around the city all-year round. Did you know that in a five kilometre radius from the Vilnius city centre you can cycle for over two hours in the Old Town and surrounding forests, kayak for three hours along the river and end the day with a barbeque in the central square followed by an exciting night life experience? Can you name any other city like this? Welcome to Vilnius!
The Baltic Travel Group took on a unique challenge to motivate active lifestyles among co-workers, improve internal communications and get to know each other better. We divided all employees into mixed teams and challenged them to accumulate as many kilometres as possible in order to become the most active members of our company.



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