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Vilnius Airport accomplishes modernisation process


From February to April this year, Vilnius Airport has introduced three important innovations. The first self-service check-in kiosks in Lithuania have started operating in February, and a unified aircraft ground handling e-service and passenger queue management information system have been introduced in April.
All the measures have been implemented under the project “Development of Public E-services in the Vilnius branch of Lithuanian Airports” which is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund.
Extensive modernisation program, which has been implemented in the short term, reflects a desire of Vilnius Airport for consistent renovation in order not to lag behind the other modern European airports. Rapidly increasing number of passengers and their growing needs, as well as modern standards of airports encourage to move forward.
Six self-service check-in kiosks, introduced in Vilnius Airport in February, are the first such terminals in Lithuania. Those kiosks are available to passengers flying with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines. Applications of other airlines will be introduced in the foreseeable future.
Recently, a unified aircraft ground handling e-service was launched in Vilnius Airport. It adds greater accuracy and flexibility to planning and management processes in the airport.
New service will help to ensure a more effective complex arrangement of aircraft ground handling and pre-flight check, and better service to passengers. The airport’s staff and employees of other organisations operating in the airport will be the first who will enjoy the benefits of the service.
The third innovation in the airport is recently installed queue management information system. Movement of passengers in the queue at the security check-point is evaluated by using digital cameras. Then the information on wait time is transferred to the screen.
At the time of implementation of a new system, the up-to-date hardware and software inventory for video broadcasting system enabling to notify passengers quickly and thoroughly was acquired. This system will help passengers to manage their time more effectively.


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