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Victim in Nepal plane crash was Danish


Nepal Airlines Twin Otter went missing on Sunday

The wreckage of a Canadian-made Nepal Airlines Twin Otter aircraft that went missing on Sunday with 18 people on board has been found. A list of victims shows that one of the 15 passengers was Danish.

The plane was flying from Kathmandu to Jumla via a refuel stop in Pokhara when contact was lost shortly after takeoff from Pokhara. The wreckage was located in the western district of Arghakhanchi. The plane seems to have crashed into hilly terrain.

“The search helicopter has reported that it found the wreckage and has seen the tail portion of the plane burning,” Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal rescue coordinator Bimlesh Lal Karna said. “It has reported that there is no possibility of survivors.”

Recovery teams must reach the site by land as the helicopter cannot touch down. Other passengers on board reportedly include a child.

This is the most recent in a long list of air accidents in Nepal, where critics say many passenger aircraft are poorly maintained. All of Nepal’s airlines are currently blacklisted by the EU.


[photo: Wikimedia]


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