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Velomax Berlin promotes city`s ambitious goal to be 100 percent carbon-neutral


A top-performing Green Globe member since 2010, the Velomax Berlin, Germany, has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the fields of operational efficiency and social responsibility for years. This green arena houses two of the biggest event venues in Berlin, the Max-Schmeling Halle and the Velodrom. Velomax stands for management with a strong focus on sustainability, and all efforts recently earned re-certification.

“We are very proud to be the only multi-functional event arena in Germany holding the prestigious Green Globe award” said Anette Weller, Managing Director at Velomax Berlin. “Our green philosophy is anchored in our business policy and we strive to focus on authentic, transparent and verifiable actions when it comes to sustainable operations. In 2013 we participated in several green workshops, such as the `Green Operations Workshop` during the Berlin Music Week – a truly inspiring event, aiming to green the touring industry. In December we joined the expert panel of the `Greener Arena Index` pilot project. These workshops are great opportunities to share our knowledge with like-minded people, and also to identify where we can improve our own best practices.”

Velomax Berlin has implemented a sustainable event venue management system, and operational performance is strictly monitored. Electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, 1,064 solar collectors are installed on the roof of the arena. Outside air is pre-conditioned for heating and cooling, and energy is being saved by using daylight for loading and production set up. The purchasing policy favors environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food and consumables. Packaging is reduced to a minimum and local suppliers are given preference. Visitors are encouraged to arrive by train and event tickets include public transportation. The Velomax works closely with the city of Berlin to fulfill sports and cultural guidelines and offers numerous carbon-neutral events.

The team at Velomax Berlin is deeply immersed with the community, and supports many local initiatives. Germany`s capital has set the ambitious goal to create a 100% carbon-neutral city by 2050, and the Velomax arena serves as a role model for an energy efficient and green operation. During the `Berlin saves Energy` action week, the Max-Schmeling-Halle opened its doors to visitors, allowing a glimpse at innovative building and cutting-edge construction technology.


The Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH has been successfully operating two of the biggest event halls in Berlin since 1997: The Max-Schmeling Halle and the Velodrom. Velomax Berlin is a subsidiary of Gegenbauer Location Management&Services GmbH, a company of the Gegenbauer Group which employs more than 15,000 staff members throughout Germany. The venue is integrated into a park landscape, and the `Green Bridge` connects former East-West Berlin with its green and rounded down roof. The elegant architecture meets both high esthetic and sustainable standards. The Max-Schmeling Halle is one of the leading venues in Germany and over the past 16 years the arena hosted more than 1,100 events – ranging from national and international concerts of all types, extraordinary stage and television shows and sporting events including 18 world championships, accommodating more than 10 million visitors.

Contact: Sybil Franke, Marketing/Sales, Max-Schmeling Halle, Falkplatz 1, 10437 Berlin, Germany, Tel +49 (30) 44304 713, Fax +49 (30) 44304 739, e-mail: sybil.franke@gegenbauer.de , www.velomax.de


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