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Vanishing passengers at new Moscow airport


Zhukovsky airport will have just a handful of airlines
Moscow’s new international airport will open this month, but only a handful of airlines will be operating flights there as Russia’s economic crisis continues.
The terminal at the RUB10 billion ruble (€134 million) Zhukovsky airport was inaugurated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev this week. It is a former cargo airfield 40 km south-east of Moscow, once used for Cold War flight testing. Most of the airport’s flights will be to and from cities in the former Soviet Union.
The result of a joint venture between state-run Rostec and Lithuania’s Avia Solutions Group, the new airport was conceived when Moscow’s three biggest airports were operating at maximum capacity and when traffic was growing at 10% a year.
But a steep downturn means that the terminal, which has a capacity of 2 million passengers a year to rise to 12 million by 2020, only has operating agreements with four airlines. And just two of these (Air Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan’s SCAT Airlines) actually carry passengers.


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