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Utrecht Marketing introduces Utrecht Region Pass


Travel easily by public transport from, to and within the Utrecht region. During its event “Verrassend Verbinden Utrecht” (Surprisingly Connected Utrecht) that takes place this Monday in the Werkspoorkathedral, Utrecht Marketing introduces a public transport and admission card for international visitors.

”Such a card does not exist yet in the Netherlands”, says Rijk van Ark, director of Utrecht Marketing. The Utrecht Region Pass is a public transport card that provides access to the entire public transport system in the Netherlands, including the bicycle. It is the only “pay-as-you-go” public transport card with national coverage linked to a credit card. Additionally, the traveler can use the pass to visit the most valued destinations and places of interest within the province.

The Utrecht Region Pass is about convenience and hospitality. It also promotes environmentally friendly travel and a regional distribution of tourism. Van Ark: “The Netherlands has an excellent public transport network, but for international visitors it is not easy to understand the OV chip card, day tickets and special variants. The Utrecht Region Pass not only offers the solution for this problem but also contributes to promoting all the beauty the region has to offer.”

The traveler reserves the Utrecht Region Pass online, collects it upon arrival at a pick-up location and can immediately start to travel. No need to charge the card. After returning it, the user receives a detailed specification. The payment takes place automatically via credit card. The costs of travel are exactly the same as when traveling with a regular public transport chip card.

Utrecht Marketing collaborates with TripKey on the introduction of the Utrecht Region Pass. TripKey is responsible for the cards, the systems and the service towards users and partners of Utrecht Region Pass. Since 2016, TripKey has facilitated a carefree visit to the Netherlands for thousands of international travelers.

The Utrecht Region Pass is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018.


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