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USA: EU ETS may violate international law


FAA concerned with way EU ETS has been designed and applied

Taking another swing at the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme carbon tax, the US has said that it fears the EU is breaking international law.
“The US government has very serious concerns” about ETS, the FAA’s assistant administrator for policy, international affairs and the environment, Julie Oettinger, told delegates at the US Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual Aviation Summit. “Our concern is not with difference of option with the objective, […] we are very serious about addressing aviation emissions in the US. […] The concern we have with EU ETS is the way it’s been designed and the way it’s been applied. We have concerns that it violates international law.”
The EU’s approach “has impeded the process on finding a global approach. We’re not opposed to emissions trading. […] It can be a very effective tool.”
Other speakers were in agreement. Nancy Young, VP for environmental affairs at Airlines for America: “It is a tax. What [the EU] is saying to us is ‘we’re going to impose upon the world, an EU policy.’ If we have tax upon tax, how can we do what we need to do not only to keep the industry strong but to move the environmental ball forward?”
[image courtesy European Commission]


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