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US air travel hit by skyrocketing complaints


Passengers share negative experiences on social media
Passenger complaints about long lines and burly officials at airport security are increasing sharply in the US. Passengers are sharing their negative experiences at #IHateTheWait.
The number of complaints rose from 48 in March 2015 to 513 this March, and there were more than 1,000 complaints about officers’ courtesy, compared to 294 last March. The above hashtag is taking off on social media as passengers post photos.
“We are trying to work with the [Transportation Security Administration],” claimed Melanie Hinton of Airlines for America. “This is an effort to help flag to the TSA where the massive wait times are.”
The growth in passengers – and tightening security after failures to find weapons and explosives in bags – has led to the longer waits. Almost 6,800 people flying American Airlines missed flights in March because of delays at security.
The Transportation Security Administration says it aims to get 500 new airport screeners through training and onto the job by the end of June.
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