Home News Upscale hotels rented out for afternoon sex

Upscale hotels rented out for afternoon sex


Travellers use website to book exclusive rooms

A website is allowing people to book boutique hotel rooms in New York for a few hours at a time. For many busy professionals, this is an opportunity to spend some intimate time with a spouse or partner.
One New York City banker, divorced with children, treated himself and his girlfriend to several romantic hours at the trendy Flatiron Hotel in Manhattan one afternoon for $145. He found the room on the new website Dayuse-hotels.com. “How about a naughty nap in a sexy hotel with your sex partner?” the website asks. “It was perfect,” he tells USA Today. “This was an opportunity to spend some time together.”
The website made its debut in France in 2010 before launching in the US. It coincides with a new US Travel Association survey of 1100 people, which found that 72% of respondents believed that travel inspires romance.
USA Today quotes an associate professor of psychiatry as saying that people take on different personas when they’re on the road, so that when alcohol is flowing at a hotel bar, many travellers let their guard down. “There’s the feeling that you have a different identity when you travel,” she says.
USA Today
[photo courtesy Flatiron Hotel]


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