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Universal reveals massive King Kong ride


Guests to ride in expedition truck, with driver, to see Kong
A new King Kong attraction at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure will open in summer 2016, with the resort promising that Skull Island: Reign of Kong will be one of its “biggest and longest” rides.
King Kong 360-3D is already part of the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour, but Mike West, executive producer at Universal Creative, tells TTG Digital that the new attraction will be “vastly different and an entirely new experience.”
Guests will ride in an expedition truck, with a driver, through the dramatically themed Skull Island, passing through 72ft giant gates at the start.
“It will be a full-scale, larger than life attraction,” West explained. “You won’t know what dangers will lie ahead of you.”
Riders will play a central role in the action as they journey through an ancient temple, a perilous jungle and a foreboding underworld of caves – and then come face-to-face with Kong himself. West was unable to confirm whether this would be an animatronic version of Kong, but he did say: “There will be lots of different ways to show his character.”
Rumours have been swirling about the new Skull Island for months, with construction well underway. The announcement was delayed, West said, to enable Universal Orlando Resort to build momentum by revealing more details about the attraction through the course of the park’s 25th anniversary year.
TTG Digital
[pictured: Skull Island: Reign of Kong; image courtesy Universal Orlando Resort]


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