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Union wants public to boycott Norwegian


Thai crew get base salary less than €370 a month



One of Norway’s top union leaders is calling for a passenger boycott of Norwegian Air Shuttle, arguing that the low-cost carrier is undermining the country’s treasured welfare state.

Stein Gulbrandsen, head of Norway’s biggest labour organisation, the 300,000-strong Fagforbundet, made the call after the state broadcaster NRK reported that Norwegian’s Thai cabin crew had a base salary of less than NOK 3,000 (€370) a month – tiny compared to what the airline’s Norwegian crew earn.

Norwegian spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen said that this sum was “well above” the average monthly wage in Thailand.

“I don’t see any reason at all to fly Norwegian when it behaves in this manner,” Gulbrandsen told NRK. “We have to look at that as a gross provocation.”

The Thai attendants work on the new long-haul flights between Bangkok, Oslo and New York. Small additional payments are possible, for example NOK 200 if they work a 12-hour shift between Oslo and Bangkok.

“Respectable organisations and respectable people don’t patronize operations that are trying to undermine the Norwegian welfare state,” Gulbrandsen said.

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[pictured: Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos with crew before first flight to New York; courtesy Norwegian]


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