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Unguided tourists hurt falling into ice crevasse


Company in Greenland criticised for letting group hike on ice cap
A company in Greenland has been criticised for allowing a tourist group to hike on an ice cap unguided and without equipment. Two of the tourists, both aged 24, were injured after they fell into a crevasse on the ice cap, near Kangerlussuaq.
The group had been allowed to wander on the ice for an hour. The pair fell about six metres onto a ledge inside the crevasse, the bottom of which was not visible.
Another group that was on a guided tour nearby rescued them by lowering equipment and pulling them to safety. One of them had injured his back, another his leg.
According to reports, a helicopter and rescue team arrived on the scene two hours after the incident, despite being less than 15 minutes away at Kangerlussuaq Airport. The helicopter flew the tourists to a hospital in Nuuk.
Sermitsiaq / The Arctic Journal


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