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UK flights to stop if no Brexit deal?


Ryanair explains how all UK flights may be suspended
Ryanair is warning that all flights to and from the UK could be suspended for “weeks or months” if there is no early Brexit deal on European aviation.
The Dublin-based airline uses EU ‘open skies’ rules that allow any EU carrier to fly to any country in the bloc, including the UK.
But as the UK prepares to leave the EU in 2019, Ryanair’s chief financial officer Neil Sorahan warns the process could have huge implications for aviation.
“Europe has been very clear in recent days that no deals are going to be put in place, they are not planning to put any special deals in place,” he said.
“If there was a cliff-edge scenario with World Trade Organisation rules and no bilateral on open skies in place, there is a distinct possibility that there will be no flights for a period of time between Europe and the UK. The impact on business would be disastrous.”
Ryanair has already said it will ‘pivot’ growth away from the UK to Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe because of the Brexit vote.
Guardian / Yahoo News


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