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UK: 2016 was tourism record-breaker


Inbound tourism was bigger than ever last year
New figures show that more overseas visitors went to the UK last year than ever before, with a record 37.3 million inbound visits, up 3% on 2015.
Spending by tourists did not quite break the record, however, with visitors spending £22.2 billion (€26 billion), matching 2015’s record.
Figures show a boost in visits to the UK towards the end of 2016, following the Brexit vote, with a record 3.2 million visits from October to December, up 11% on the same period in 2015.
The figures show strong growth from Canada and the USA, the latter being Britain’s most valuable tourism source market, with 4.3 million visits in 2016, up 7% on 2015.
There were also a record 25.3 million visits from the EU in 2016, up 4% on 2015.
Comparing the last six years, there were 7.5 million more visits in 2016 than in 2010, an increase of 25%.
“The strong growth in inbound visits demonstrates British tourism’s continued ability to compete for international visitors and deliver economic growth across our nations and regions,” said Sally Balcombe, VisitBritain’s chief executive.
“We must seize the opportunity to build on this, boosting visitor spending by driving home the message of welcome and value particularly in our high spending markets such as China and the US and the valuable European market.”
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