Home News Two killed as plane lands on beach

Two killed as plane lands on beach


Light aircraft makes tragic emergency landing
A light aircraft made an emergency landing on a beach near Lisbon yesterday, killing an 8-year-old girl and a man aged about 50.
The plane was almost silent as it flew low over hundreds of people at Sao Joao da Caparica. A few sunbathers ran into the sea to escape but “it happened very fast, there was no chance to prepare… to run,” one tourist told the news station SIC Noticias.
People on the beach immediately surrounded the plane before the police arrived.
“Those first moments were very tense,” said another witness. “People wanted to attack the pilot and began to shout and call him a ‘killer’. Everyone was really disgusted.”
The dead girl was with her parents, who were unhurt. The man who was killed was sunbathing on a towel. Images show the plane appears to have a broken wing.


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