Home News Twin hurricanes hit Hawaii for first time ever

Twin hurricanes hit Hawaii for first time ever


Tourists spend their holiday shuttered up in hotels

Iselle, the first hurricane or tropical storm to hit Hawaii in 22 years, is on its way – and, for the first time in history, a second hurricane, named Julio, is following closely behind.

As Iselle’s eye edges closer the hurricane has knocked out power on parts of the Big Island and brought heavy rain and powerful winds. Supplies of bottled water have run out as people buy up supplies from supermarkets.

Tourists are preparing to spend part of their holiday on the chain of islands shuttered up in their hotels, while hundreds of locals seek emergency shelter in the Big Island’s schools. Meanwhile, a geothermal plant accidentally released an unknown amount of poisonous steam. However, no major injuries or damage as a direct result of the first of the hurricanes have yet been reported at this stage.


[image courtesy NASA]


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