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Turkey’s newest, largest congress center opens in Antalya

Turkey’s newest and largest congress center has been built in the southern province of Antalya, the host city of EXPO 2016, which started on April 22.
Situated in the EXPO 2016 complex, the congress center has a main hall with a capacity of more than 5,000-seats and two seminar rooms for 750 and 550 people, respectively. The congress center has 12 halls with a capacity of 6,500 seats.
The center, which cost TL 150 million ($52.9 million), is 10 kilometers from the city’s coastal Kundu area and 20 kilometers from the city center. A telescopic seating system was installed in the new congress center – a first for Turkey – allowing the main halls to be reorganized for different meeting purposes. With the concept “Flower and Children,” the EXPO site includes Expo Tower, symbolizing the historic Hadrianus Gate; Turkey’s first Agriculture and Biodiversity Museum; a children’s island, where entertaining activities will be held for children; an expo lake; a culture and art street; and restaurants reflecting the country’s traditional culinary culture.


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