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Turkey’s new advertising and branding campaign


Turkey is “Home of History”, “Home of Adventure”, etc.

A new advertising and branding campaign has been launched by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, using the main by-line “Home of…”, TTG Digital reports.

Along with photos taken by world-famous photographers, the captions on the advertising will include descriptions of Turkey as “Home of History”, “Home of Tradition” and “Home of Adventure”. The aim is to promote the destination as a starting point for holidaymakers interested in historical sites and unique attractions.

Irfan Onal, director of promotion for Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said the campaign “enables us to give a universal message about Turkey and its attractions, whether they are specific sites, cultural values or shared traditions”.

“In this way we are raising awareness of the country’s diversity and heightening its international profile while attracting new and previous visitors to Turkey time and time again.”

The campaign can be accessed on all social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube and will be supported by mobile apps. The hashtag #HomeOf has also been created for the campaign.

Photographers who shot for the campaign around various locations in Turkey include American documentary photographer Steve McCurry, known for his Afghan Girl photo on the cover of National Geographic, advertising photographer Mark Edward Harris, photojournalist Hazel Thompson and rock-stars photographer Robert M Knight.

TTG Digital

[image courtesy GoTurkey.com]


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