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Triposo launches Walter – The world’s first travel compass app

Amsterdam & Berlin based start-up, Triposo, known for its popular travel guide apps with over 10 million downloads to date, recently launched Walter, the world’s first travel compass app.
Walter is a smart travel compass that shows you where things are. When you launch the app you automatically get a radar view of what’s around you. Walter displays four bands of color representing sights, shops, restaurants and nightlife. The wider the band, the more things in that direction. All you need to do is point your phone and start walking. Walter’s clean interface is insanely simple to use and is ideal for spontaneous travelers. There is no signup page, no login and no settings. Like Triposo’s signature travel guides, Walter works offline and works anywhere in the world.
“The idea of a travel compass popped up at our quarterly Jamboree in Berlin – a much anticipated week of brainstorming, coding and exploring,” says Douwe Osinga, CEO & Founder at Triposo. “We were sitting on the couch, sipping German beer and chatting about innovative ways to improve travel experiences, when a new idea arose: let’s create a beer radar. We quickly realized the world not only needed a beer radar, it also needed a simpler tool to find nearby hotspots and Walter was born.”
“Walter borrows heavily from Triposo’s impressive algorithms to build its location and contextual awareness,” explains Douwe. Triposo’s technology platform crawls through gigabytes of open source data, parses it, extracts information, matches sources and ranks relevance to create a comprehensive database for 50,000 destinations worldwide. “We are really excited about Walter, and hope this will be the first of many such innovations from Triposo this year,” adds Douwe. You can learn more about Walter by downloaded it in the iTunes App Store or visiting the Triposo blog “Introducing Walter – Your Smart Travel Compass.”
Triposo was founded in 2011 by ex-Googlers Douwe Osinga and Jon Tirsen and diplomat-turned-entrepreneur, Richard Osinga. It was kickstarted with a $700K round of seed funding from marquee investors such as Chris Sacca, Lars Rasmussen and Crunchfund followed by two rounds led by InterWest partners: $3.5 million in July 2012 and $3.1 million in December 2015. The latest round of funding is expected to drive innovation for in-destination travel experiences in the mobile space.



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