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Trends that are mapping the future of hotels


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The rise of the sharing economy, changes among the legacy hotel chains and evolving preferences in food and beverage are among the trends shaping the hotel industry as we head into 2016, industry experts say.
Speakers at the recent Hotel Experience trade show in New York spotlighted five big trends.
On the strengthening of the sharing economy, the chief executive of a meeting software developer predicted that in the future hotels will cater mostly to the luxury and group markets, while business and leisure travel will migrate to sharing platforms like Airbnb.
On legacy hotel brands, one expert said that older brands may die off, as Millennials are driven less by brand loyalty and increasingly by the search for novelty.
A third trend is that disruption has come to food and beverage too. Rather than being restaurant-centric, hotels are now bar-centric, with places where to network and enjoy creative cocktails and craft beers. There are no boundaries to public spaces, with the lobby possibly flowing into a bar or a restaurant.
On meetings, there will be complete change as event logistics become automated and event apps disappear, along with paper money. Events will be crowdfunded, experts said, and content will be crowdsourced.
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