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Trends in luxury travel, marketing and tech at ITB


Papers on tourism, technology, marketing and health at ITB convention

New trends in travel and tourism will make up a significant part of the ITB Berlin Convention from 7 to 9 March. Named a “think tank for the topics of tomorrow”, the convention’s topics include tourism, technology, marketing and health. One example of a new trend, collaborative consumption, shows how greater involvement in e-commerce and online networking can result in the emergence of new business models. Arne Bleckwenn, CEO of Wimdu.de, explains how, based on his web portal for private accommodation, the internet facilitates sharing one’s possessions. Markus Barnikel, CEO, carpooling.com, pursues a similar concept. In his session entitled “Ride Sharing – the smart transport alternative of the future“, he will be showing how the combination of sharing transport over the web and smartphone use has triggered a mass phenomenon and also benefits the environment. Another discussion looks at floating hotels as a solution for destinations threatened by rising sea levels.
Also promised are “thought-provoking ideas” for marketing heads. March 9 is ITB Marketing and Distribution Day. A paper entitled New Trends in Luxury Travel will address the fact that for many travellers luxury no longer means extravagant wealth. It will show how hotel owners and destinations can satisfy guests by successfully exploiting a current trend that embraces self-discovery, simplicity and slow movement ideals. Another speaker will raise some laughs when he presents “the biggest mistakes in travel marketing”, including the worst tourism slogans and hotel names. One more paper looks at Apple’s recipe for success and can lessons that can be drawn for the tourism industry.
[pictured: ITB Berlin Convention 2011; courtesy ITB Berlin]


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