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Travellers want experiences over budgets


Tourists want attractions, scenery and rich culture

Budgets are now less important to travellers, a study covering 12,631 people from 25 countries has found. Instead, travellers now care more for the types of attractions, quality of scenery and rich cultural experiences that a destination offers.
Last year’s findings in Visa’s “Global Travel Intentions Study 2013” showed concerns such as “the weather”, “fits my budget” and “culture” as influencing travellers’ intention to travel. But the latest survey shows that budget concerns have fallen off the radar.
This suggests either economic recovery or a growing appetite for bigger travel budgets, Ross Jackson, head of cross-border business for Visa in Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, told travel industry leaders at a recent PATA event.
“In past surveys, we were seeing budget or security issues. We’re not seeing that as much,” he said.
Travellers from Asia are planning to spend 46% more on travel this year, with those from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong intending to almost double the budget of their last trip in the future.
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[pictured: At a village along the Mekong, Laos; photo by Marc Sievert,


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