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Travellers not yet using mobile to book travel


Less than 5% of business fliers use mobiles to book

Most business travellers carry a smartphone, of course, but few are using it to make travel bookings, a new survey by SITA and Air Transport World says.

Almost 2,500 business and leisure passengers were quizzed at six international airport hubs. Of the 978 business travellers, 84% respondents carried a smartphone but 6% used mobile devices to check in on the day of travel and less than 5% used them to book air travel. However, 41% expressed a willingness to do so.

“Even though passengers are carrying smartphones and say that they would be prepared to use mobile services, the majority has yet to make the transition,” the report states, adding that “usability concerns and limitations of the device,” are possible explanations.

The “first wave of self-service technology” including online booking sites and airport check-in kiosks are now part of the travel experience, the report suggests, and “the next wave will be the widespread adoption of mobile services.”

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