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Travel maps: the evolution


There is no doubt on how Google Maps helps 68 million users every month to get from point A to B along with a wide range of other services and uses. The real doubts arise when part of these 68 million users try to map, interact or share their itineraries before or whilst travelling.

For a long time “Go pro travelling” founders avid travellers and actively working in the travel industry, waited for Google to launch the basic features to fully map and improve itineraries. With high expectations according to previous product announcements from Google lately interested to enter the travel market via strategic acquisitions. Time passed and, encouraged by fellow travellers, they finally launched two months ago their own map planner allowing any mortal to finally add dates and multiple transportation modes within the same map as well as upload your pictures; comment on the go and share it on your favorite social network.

Apart from an even more user friendly design it will simultaneously release their “ANSF” or Automatic Nearby Search Feature: A state of the art capability, to be unveiled next week, that will allow users to add to their itinerary with a simple click   restaurants, museums, hotels and even countries based on a smart algorithm developed in-house on a closer approach to continue changing no valuable lines (commonly used on all travel maps) for detailed route directions. A very promising “map your flight” option is currently available for all users.

Not wanting to stop there, founders dreamt up a way for the travel community to share its knowledge and improve each other’s itineraries wanting to create the biggest map based Encyclopedia of itineraries and products to simplify research.

It is no longer a secret “the client is always right” and yes; there is a lot to be done online for the travel industry yet.


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